The 12 strangest objects in the universe

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Weirdo universe

There's no scrutinizing the way that the universe is strange

Mysterious Radio Signal

Starting around 2007, scientists have been getting ultrastrong, ultrabright radio transmissions enduring a couple of milliseconds.

Nuclear Pasta

The most grounded substance known to mankind structures from the extras of a dead star.

Haumea Has Rings

The bantam planet Haumea, which circles in the Kuiper Belt out past Neptune, is as of now strange.

A Moon with a Moon

What's superior to a moon? A moon circling a moon, which the web has named a moonmoon.

Dark-Matter-Less Galaxy 

Dull matter — the obscure substance containing 85% of all matter in the universe — is strangeuniverse — is abnormal.

The Most Bizarre Star

At the point when cosmologist Tabetha Boyajian of Louisiana State University and her partners initially saw the star known as KIC 846285, they were confounded.

The title of strangest moon in the planetary group could go to numerous heavenly items — Jupiter's excessively volcanic Io, Neptune's fountain regurgitating Triton. Be that as it may, one of the most peculiar looking is Saturn's Hyperion, a pumice-stone-like unpredictable stone pitted with various cavities.

Highly Electric Hyperion

A Guiding Neutrino

The single, high-energy neutrino that struck Earth on Sept. 22, 2017, wasn't, all alone, all that uncommon.

The Living Fossil Galaxy 

DGSAT I is a ultradiffuse cosmic system (UDG), meaning it is essentially as large as a universe like the Milky Way however its stars are fanned out so meagerly that it is almost undetectable. 

Double Quasar Image

Monstrous items bend light, enough with the goal that they can mutilate the picture of things behind them.

Rogue Planet with Aurora

Floating through the world are rebel planets, which have been flung away from their parent star by gravitational powers.